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Our knowledge of emerging control technologies enables us to design and assist in the implementation of systems that significantly increase the effectiveness of plant and remote facility operations.

South Coast Water District, CA

Needs Assessment:

CNC Engineers ("CyberNet Consulting Engineers") provided communication engineering services for a study of the District's upgrade requirements to a more efficient, reliable, and robust telecommunications system. The telecommunications system was to be utilized by the SCADA system to monitor and control potable and reclaimed water distribution and treatment facilities throughout SCWD's service area. As a part of the scope of work, CNC Engineers reviewed the current telephone-based telemetry system, as well as reports from past radio site surveys and proposals for alternative telecommunication services offered by local telephone and cable companies.


A mesh architecture-based wireless network was recommended, which would support peer-to-peer, distributed control system redundancy features at the HMI (i.e., a secondary "EOC" location), and communications levels.

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