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Our knowledge of emerging control technologies enables us to design and assist in the implementation of systems that significantly increase the effectiveness of plant and remote facility operations.

Padre Dam Municipal Water District, CA

SCADA System Upgrade Study

Padre Dam MWD provides retail and wholesale potable water and wastewater collection and treatment services to a number of communities in east San Diego County. The SCADA system consists of nearly 75 remote stations including pump stations, reservoirs, pressure reducing facilities, water turnouts, and wastewater collection facilities.


Detail Design, Bid Assistance & Construction Management:

CNC Engineers ("CyberNet Consulting Engineers") has been associated with the District since the early 1990's and was the design engineer on this system through two major project phases and a number of smaller enhancement projects. During each phase, CNC Engineers also performed construction management services, ensuring the Contractor provided a quality system within the planned budgets and schedules. The system implementation was split into two phases to accommodate budget limitations, with Phase I covering primary pump stations and reservoirs. This phase utilized landline telephone circuits for communications to the remote stations. Phase II incorporated the remaining stations and utilized a licensed multiple address radio system. Due to the rugged terrain in the District, this system required three repeaters and the need to control each repeater while addressing the areas of coverage. Further enhancement to the system included a backup mesh-style radio system utilizing license-free spread spectrum radios. CNC Engineers also completed the pre-design for power generation facilities at critical locations in order to assure uninterrupted power and to reduce the cost of energy.


System Components: Schneider Electric (formerly Modicon) PLCs, Alligator Communications licensed 900 MHz MAS radios, Cellnet (formerly Metricom) 900 MHz license-free spread spectrum radios, UGS - Tecnomatrix (formerly US Data) redundant FactoryLink HMI, and multiple workstations and laptops with secure remote access capability.


Distributed / Cogeneration Project

Needs Assessment, Detail or Functional Design, and Design-Build:

CNC Engineers was retained as engineering consultants for Needs Assessment, Schematic Design, and Design-Build contracting services for a 5.2 Megawatt distributed generation system at the District's facilities and pumping stations. System highlights include:

750 W Co-Gen/Evaluate, Design & Build Customer Service Center
350 W Co-Gen/Evaluate, Design & Build Waste Treatment Facility
1.5 MW Self-Gen Pump Station at El Capitan
1.5 MW Self-Gen Pump Station at Alpine
300 W Self-Gen Pump Station #3 at Flynn Springs
450 W Self-Gen Pump Station at Grossmont
350 W Self-Gen Park Campground


Emergency Generator

This project entailed the design and installation of a Portable Emergency Generator at Pump Station #7 and transported usage at several other pump stations. Due to past electrical outages caused by the October 2003 Cedar Fire, Padre Dam Municipal Water District decided to locate a portable emergency generator at Pump Station No. 7 (Mountain Top Pump Station) to ensure reliability of water supply to the South Crest Pressure Zone. Pump Station #7 site also includes a chloramination facility and a reservoir. The generator is available for use at five other pumping stations in emergencies.


Detail or Functional Design, Bid Assistance & Construction Management:

CNC Engineers was retained as Engineering Consultants for the design, bid assistance and construction management of the project. We also provided software implementation services at all pump stations as a part of integrating the project into the District's existing SCADA system.

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