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Our knowledge of emerging control technologies enables us to design and assist in the implementation of systems that significantly increase the effectiveness of plant and remote facility operations.

Mesa Consolidated Water District, CA

Needs Assessment:

CNC Engineers ("CyberNet Consulting Engineers") was retained to prepare a Needs Assessment and cost-benefit analysis of the District's SCADA system. Mesa had two SCADA systems. One system was implemented in the mid-1990s to monitor and control 27 remote sites associated with the Water Supply, Storage, and Distribution (WSSD) functions. A second system was put in service to support the operation of the Colored Water Treatment Facility (CWTF) in the early 2000s.


The study contained communications, instrumentation, and monitoring equipment at remote sites and equipment and software at the master stations located at the Operations Yard and the Colored Water Treatment Facility. CNC Engineers provided its report, which was fully adopted by the District.

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