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Our knowledge of emerging control technologies enables us to design and assist in the implementation of systems that significantly increase the effectiveness of plant and remote facility operations.

City of Burlingame, CA

SCADA System Upgrade

The City of Burlingame manages a potable water distribution and storage system, sewer lift stations, and storm water pump stations.

Needs Assessment:

CNC Engineers ("CyberNet Consulting Engineers") began its long-term involvement with the City in 1999 by providing a Needs Assessment that defined the basic requirements of an upgrade to their aging monitoring and control system.


Detail Design:

Based on the recommendations contained within the Needs Assessment, CNC Engineers developed functional design specifications for a modern SCADA system that provided for an evaluated bid.


Construction Management:

Due to budgetary constraints, the City decided to implement the project in three phases spanning three consecutive fiscal years. CNC Engineers provided construction management services throughout all three phases.


System Components: Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) PLCs, Cellnet (formerly Metricom) 900 MHz license-free spread spectrum radios, redundant Wonderware InTouch HMI, and multiple workstations and laptops with secure remote access capability.


Most recently, CNC provided services, including specifications, evaluated bid  and constrcution management assistance for an upgrade to the City's SCADA system cnetral computer system hardware and software. 

Pump Station I&C System Design and SCADA Incorporation

Trousdale Pump Station is the City of Burlingame's largest potable water pump station.


Detail or Functional Design:

CNC provided the City professional engineering services in conjunction with the design and construction of the new Trousdale Pump Station and Transmission Pipeline, with an estimated project value of $8M. CNC's services included the design, preparation of plans & specifications for the Instrumentation & Controls portion of the project to maintain SCADA design compatibility and consistency. Specifications also included and later allowed seamless integration of this critical site into the City's existing SCADA system.

System Components: The pump station consists of Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) PLCs and Intelligent MCCs (including four 250 HP VFDs and power monitoring equipment), all communicating by means of Ethernet/IP and DeviceNet communication protocol.

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