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Our knowledge of emerging control technologies enables us to design and assist in the implementation of systems that significantly increase the effectiveness of plant and remote facility operations.

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment affords an agency the opportunity to identify issues associated with a potential new system, expansion or replacement of an existing system while avoiding the pitfalls of designing a system without critical objectives or specific goals.

CNC Engineers reviews the current conditions, including operational requirements, environmental issues, cost concerns and agency objectives in order to offer solutions, project implementation approaches and cost estimates for the viable upgrade alternatives that best meet project goals. 
A budgetary construction cost is included with the conclusions / recommendations section of the Needs Assessment.

CNC Engineers demonstrates expertise in the following areas related to Needs Assessment:


  • DCS

  • Radio Telemetry

  • Instrumentation & Control

  • Electrical Upgrades

  • Security/Intrusion Monitoring & Alarming Design

  • Distributed/Self/Co-generation Feasibility Studies

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